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The World's Healthiest Milk


Sahara Dairy Co. offers the healthiest milk on the planet and strives to provide that milk to all families and individuals. We believe in doing the best thing for our customers as well as our free roaming camels. We follow a vision for proper animal care, supporting our farmer’s, environmental sustainability, and creating the highest quality product.

Our Story

Health Benefits
of Camel Milk

Ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years have used camel’s milk as a powerful remedy for countless ailments and is still revered in many cultures today! Bedouins and Nomads of tough arid environments have believed for years in the medicinal use of camel’s milk for many common illnesses. Recently modern testing has begun to shine a scientific light, on this mysterious superfood.

health benefits

Supporting our Farmers

The Camel is part of the cultural identity of India, and an economically important animal for its desert communities. Protecting the unique yet dwindling camel populations of India can be as simple as increasing local farmer’s milk sales. Sahara Dairy Co. pays it forward to the committed farmers in rural Indian communities. 5% of our proceeds are donated to our farmer’s communities to conserve their ancient culture and livelihood. Together we can protect a natural farming practice based on respect, compassion, and love.

Supporting our Farmers

Sahara Dairy Products

Freeze Dried Camel’s Milk

Our 100% Natural pasture raised camel milk has no additives, preservatives, antibiotics or added hormones. We work closely with selected camel breeders to ensure the highest quality of camel milk.


Our Freeze Drying method is a gentle and no heat process that ensures all health properties of camel’s milk reach our customer. Opposite of spray drying, which is cost effective, but destroys proteins and vital nutrients of camel’s milk.


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