Freeze Dried Camel Milkcan be used in a wide variety of ways that never compromise on taste or nutritional value

Sahara Dairy Co Suggested Uses Camel Milk Powder

Camel Milk Powder Suggested Uses

Sahara Dairy Co.’s freeze dried camel milk powder can be used in a wide variety of ways that never compromise on taste or nutritional value. Replacing dairy milk or other milk alternatives with our camel milk will significantly boost the nutritional content of your recipes, naturally adding vitamins and minerals that support a healthy diet. Our freeze dried camel milk is delicious, very easy to prepare and healthy. See below the various ways to prepare Sahara Dairy Co.’s freeze dried camel milk powder.


How to make a glass of camel milk from powder: Add 2-3 tablespoons of camel milk powder into a glass of water (warm works best). Mix the powder thoroughly with a spoon or help from a blender or shaker. It’s as easy as that – your delicious, natural and nutritious camel milk is ready to drink or use to cook.

Please Note: As an inherent characteristic of any powder, some particles may not dissolve entirely. Don’t worry! It is completely safe to consume.

Cooking with Camel Milk Powder: 

  1. Add mixed or powder camel milk to smoothies or protein shakes.
  2. Add camel milk to your coffee as a dairy-free alternative, or make delicious lattes with it. Mix it warm with adaptogenic mushrooms or cacao powder to make a “superfood” latte.
  3. Use it as a substitute in place of dairy milk for a variety of recipes: pancakes, brownies, waffles, pies, cheddar and broccoli soup, egg cups, mac and cheese and so much more!


Camel Milk Powder & Health Purposes:

  1. Camel milk should be taken either 30 minutes before a large meal or at least 1 hour after to avoid major digestive times.
  2. For aging and “maintenance” drink 2 tablespoons daily, or as needed.


Blood Sugar Support: Ingest 1 tablespoon of camel milk after major meals.

Sahara Dairy Co Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder Cooking Tips

Athletes: For an organic, healthier protein powder simply mix our freeze dried camel milk powder into your smoothies or shakes. Sahara Dairy Co.’s freeze dried camel milk provides a natural boost of vitamins. It is recommended to take 2-3 tablespoons before or after a workout.


Immune System Defense: In defense of an acute cold or flu, take 2 tablespoons morning and night.


Infant Milk & Children: Start with 1 teaspoon daily then slowly titrate up until 1-4 tablespoons daily, depending on needs.


As you can see from our suggested uses above, freeze dried camel milk is very simple to prepare in a variety of uses. Our versatile freeze dried superfood camel milk powder should become a stable in your pantry.


Our 100% Natural pasture raised camel milk has no additives, preservatives, antibiotics or added hormones. We work closely with selected camel breeders to ensure the highest quality of camel milk.


Our Freeze Drying method is a gentle and no heat process that ensures all health properties of camel’s milk reach our customer. Opposite of spray drying, which is cost effective, but destroys proteins and vital nutrients of camel’s milk.

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