Ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years have used camel’s milk as a powerful remedy for countless ailments and is still revered in many cultures today! Bedouins and Nomads of tough arid environments have believed for years in the health benefits of camel’s milk and its properties. Old writings and anecdotes spoke greatly of its use for disease and illness and is even mentioned in biblical scriptures.

Today, numerous studies and lab tests are shedding a scientific light on this mysterious health wonder. What has been discovered is that camel milk has abundant nutrients and rare health properties unseen anywhere else in nature. Restorative immunoglobulins, blood sugar supporting insulin factors, and even unique nano-antibodies which have only been found in camel milk. Nano-antibodies are easily utilized by the body to recognize harmful antigens and optimize immune function.

The health benefits of camel’s milk is still receiving vigorous research and investigation. From what we currently know, this unique food has potent yet safe nutritional applications that exceed anything seen before it.

Camel’s Milk

• Abundant vitamins & minerals


• Anti-inflammatory properties such as Lactoferrin, with levels 100 times that of bovine milk


• Immunoglobulins compatible for humans


• Nano-antibodies, unique to camel’s milk, optimize the immune system


• Similar to human breast milk, allowing an easier digestion


• Antibacterial and antiviral properties


• Bio-available insulin factors that could support healthy blood sugar levels


• No allergic properties, such as beta casein or beta lactoglobulin