The camel is part of the landscape of India the icon of the desert state, part of its cultural identity, and an economically important animal for desert communities.


The camel pastoralists of India believe that Shiva created them to be the guardians of the camel. That they are the custodians of a long and proud heritage which goes back at least 600 years.

“A Majority of India’s camels are in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
Unless camel breeders are able to survive,
the decline in camel numbers can only continue.”

Unfortunately, India’s camel population is dwindling due to lack of profit from camel milk sales, and some farmers have had to sell their camels to neighboring countries. The government of Rajasthan declared the camel an official State Animal in 2014, and in 2015 passed legislation to protect it.


Protecting the unique and culturally important camels of India can be as simple as increasing local farmer’s camel milk sales. We at Sahara Dairy Co. commit ourselves to sourcing our camel milk from Rajasthan, Gujarat and other regions, believing we can safeguard the ancient history of India’s camels and their farmers.



Lastly, Sahara Dairy Co. pays it forward to its committed farmers in rural Indian communities. Giving 5% of proceeds to help support the farmers ancient culture and livelihood. Together we can protect a natural farming practice based on respect, compassion, and love.

“I have decided to process and export camel milk … It will improve the socio-economic condition of these poorest of the poor, and that is what I am excited about.”


— Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India